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If You're Happy and You Know it...
Alaina Maloney
May, 2016

But WHAT IF we chose not to take the easy way out?  What if, instead, we chose to be happy?  You are probably thinking to yourself, it can't be that easy - but what if it is?

What if.....

  • when someone is rude or crappy to us, instead of letting it ruin our day or worse - ignoring it (which would give permission for it to continue), we instead paused and calmly said, did I do something to upset you because I am hearing hostility and I don't know why?
  • we found ways to appreciate the good that others bring to the table every single day?  They don't have to be huge things either - look for small ways they quietly take care of things so that you don't have to.
  • we took a minute to consider that each and every one of us have personal struggles?  And while some are better than others at hiding them, it doesn't mean they don't exist.  Allowing those around you, even those you look up to or depend on, to be human and struggle is the ultimate act of compassion.
  • we spent the better balance of our daily energy on complimenting people vs. pointing out things they've done wrong?
  • we didn't ASSUME as much?  What if instead of reading negative in someone's written word we gave the benefit of doubt?  How much of our reaction to things is fueled by baggage that we bring with us? 
  • we took a minute to realize that not everyone learns the same way?  What if instead we assigned ourselves a little lesson to learn by getting to know the person you are trying to help - figuring out HOW they learn and adapting to it.  Just imagine how much farther we would get and how much less frustration there would be.
  • we weren't so focused on ourselves?  By taking the focus off of ourselves and devoting some of our energy toward helping those around us, we allow for those around us to return the favor just when we need it most.
  • we didn't think so highly of ourselves and so little of those around us?  NO ONE is perfect and allowing for others to make mistakes is ok.  In fact, it's better than ok.  So much more would be accomplished if worked together to problem solve or improve a process vs. trying to make someone feel bad because they failed to be your version of perfect.
  • we took ownership of our contribution to morale?
  • we took more time to appreciate the daily things that make us lucky in life?
  • we gave people the same break we hope they will give us when we have a bad day?

Honestly - the what ifs could go on for days but since I don't prefer long blogs I will stop here and instead hope that I've sparked you all to add a few of your own and clap, clap, CLAP YOUR HANDS!!

Alaina Maloney,

"Managing The Experience" Blog ~ Are you happy and you know it?

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