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Here's Looking Out For Ya

Stand out like a strawberry in a bowl of peas.
by Alaina Maloney
April, 2016

I read that today and all I could think was....exactly.  While I applaud people that get out and show up, is that enough or is it really just the first step?  

I've never understood people that try to blend into the background.  What are they hiding from?  Why bother showing up if you don't want to be seen?  If you go because you have to, don't waste the effort.  Make the most of it and stand out - you're there, aren't you?

Even confident people get shy.  I know because I do.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love to talk but that doesn't mean speaking to groups doesn't freak me out a little but that's just stage fright and you shake it off.  

Then what?  What do YOU do once you have the floor?  How do you leave your mark?

  • If you are at a networking event, introduce yourself and your company but then find a way to be remembered.  Say something that causes you to STAND OUT.
  • If you are approaching a prospect via email, phone or social media, be genuine, be relatable and BE UNIQUE.
  • If you have a platform to show relevant knowledge like social media, newsletters, in a meeting, etc, do it.  Speak Up, Add Value, Participate, LEAVE YOUR MARK.
  • If you win that face to face, bring something different to the table.  DON'T TRY TO SELL, HELP THEM BUY.
  • If you get the opportunity to help or give back, DO IT.  You meet some of the best connections that way and people never forget who helped them.  I know I never do and am always humbled by it.

Sometimes the person you have an audience with is not the person who you are destined to meet but instead they are the link.  So if you say or do nothing that they will remember, what are the odds they will lead you where you were meant to go when the time comes?  

I heard something similar from an event speaker recently and it really made me you do that Alaina?  Are you "hiding" behind the minimum or getting by with easy?  The answer was, I am embarrassed to admit, yes in some ways, I was.  It's not too late to change though and that really got me thinking just as I hope this blog does for you.

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