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25 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Interning at LBL
Erin Palek
August, 2016

Being the first student to intern at LBL has been nothing but rewarding this summer. As I reflect on everything that I have learned from this company, I have nothing but great things to say. Whether I was in the office, or out networking, I am so proud to say that my experience in marketing has prepared me for the next steps to come. I am forever thankful for the employees at LBL and for all the people I have met. Interning at LBL has been such a great opportunity for me, and here are my 25 reasons why I enjoyed it:


1. The company is smaller

I was able to get to know everyone and learn about what they do individually. I truly felt like I was making a difference, and I knew everyone was counting on me.


2. The people were just awesome. Period.

I have nothing but great things to say about every single one of the employees at LBL. They’re all hard workers and they work collaboratively as a team. Not to mention that they have a great sense of humor!


3. I got to wear jeans!

The working environment was very laid back, so I didn’t have to spend a fortune on a lot of new clothes. That was kind of a big deal!


4. LBL is a second generation company

When I came in to work my first day, I felt so welcomed with open arms. When you’re hired here, you become a part of the family.


5. Alaina also brought me Panera bagels for my first day


6. And took me to lunch a couple of times


7. I became even more familiar with Painesville, Ohio

Being from around this area, I saw familiar faces at merchant meetings and at Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce events. People started to recognize me too, which made me feel good. I talked to people from businesses I’ve never heard of, and I went in to places I’ve never stepped foot into before.


8. Whether it was Monday at 8:30 am, Wednesday at 1:15 pm, or Friday at 10:00 am… Brian was always “FANNNTASTIC!!!”


9. I learned how to use Adobe InDesign and Illustrator

I’m very artistic and I love to be creative, so I always enjoyed the time I spent exploring in these programs.


10. Josh and Jude showed me how some of the machines work in the shop


11. And they also always made me laugh during my lunch break


12. I was in full control of every LBL social media account

This was a huge responsibility to not only create original content, but to also analyze what worked and what didn’t through media tools.


13. Everyone listened to good music

When I helped doing bindery one day, everyone in the back room was jamming out to some 90's throwbacks. Sometimes I would hear Brian's Pandora playing in his office after he left, and it was always today's hits.


14. I attended networking events and got out of the office

Like Alaina says, we were “partners in crime” when it came to going out to community events or going door to door. We ALWAYS took pictures.


15. I beat Alaina in Wii bowling at an event


16. I won a $20 giftcard to Hooley House for beating Alaina


17. And I also beat her at the putt putt tournament


18. Many events offered food and cocktails


19. I was given a lot of responsibility and I wasn’t scared of it

I had the freedom to be creative and I brought new ideas to the table. I kept myself organized and I really learned how to work independently.


20. I assisted with the Fall Lake Erie College Welcome Bag project

I saw this project unfold and develop from beginning to end and I even took over for a full week when Alaina was gone. Organizing this project truly made me realize, for future reference, that you need to spend money to earn more money.


21. I was fortunate to see results

Change didn’t happen overnight. But with hard work and consistency, I eventually saw an increase in our numbers by the end of my 12 weeks here. I didn’t try to sell our products, but rather focused on strengthening our brand.


22. Brian would always yell “bless you!!!” from across the office EVERY time I sneezed


23. I was given the floor to speak during an important sales meeting about how we could use Snapchat to advertise an event… and that was cool


24. I learned how to “Go For The No” and how to cold call


25. I came into this internship ready to learn from the marketing department but instead became the marketing department. From there, I compiled a portfolio of information to pass down to the people who are going to fill my shoes.

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