Outer Wear


When cold weather comes around, your clients are going to need the proper attire to keep them warm. By giving them promotional outerwear, you are making the statement that your company is capable of meeting their needs. The items in this selection are characterized by their strong materials that keep you covered, break the wind or keep your body insulated. LBLís custom outerwear items are also designed in stylish cuts and feature some fashionable colors that will increase the depth of the clientís wardrobe. Perfect for distribution in outdoor venues where people might tend to feel chilly, show that you can create an added convenience in people's lives with custom logo outerwear.
  • For digital jobs, always make sure that you are working in CMYK color space and not RGB.

  • Always make sure you include all the linked files to your layout including the fonts. There are thousand's of fonts and not including all the fonts will slow up printing your job.

  • Make sure you include the version of the software you are working in.

  • If you sending in a Acrobat PDF job to be printed, make sure you use "Press Quality" for your setting and include bleeds/crops.

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